Accessory Assessment

Hey guys,

The guys at Manitou gave me your contact info last year for a boat wiring question. You solution worked out perfectly. Now I have another question that I'm hoping you can answer for me.

2005 Manitou pontoon boat

On my 2006 Manitou Aurora, I have a switch that is wired up and it says Acc on it.

My question is...

Is this switch basically just a spare switch that I can use or does it do something with the panel that I'm not aware of? I would like to wire up my depth sounder to it but I want to make sure I don't screw anything up first.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.


The options that the switch could control would be very obvious: livewell pump, courtesy lights, etc. It probably does nothing and is just a blank.

The easiest way to answer this question is to look at the back of the switch. There should be 3 terminals on it.

  • Top right - ground for light inside of switch
  • Middle left - power into switch
  • Lower left - power to item
If the lower left terminal is open or has a short wire that leads to an open connector, then you should be all set to connect your depth sounder here.

Hope this helps,


Finding Fuses


Thank you for all of the great pontoon boat wiring info that you publish. It makes for great reading and a lot better understanding of how to keep these wonderful boats running.

My question is probably too simple for you to answer, but I could really use your help...

Tahoe Pontoon Boat

Where is the fuse box on a 2003 23 foot Tahoe pontoon boat? I have searched and searched, but can't find the thing!

Thanks again.


Thank you for the kind words. It's really gratifying to hear that I am able to help.

As for your question. On most pontoons, the fuse panel is inside the helm station.

Good luck,


Dead Outlet


Pontoon boat wiring is definitely not my strong suit. Could you please help me sort this one out?

Marine electrical 12 volt outlet

I was using the 12 volt outlet in my pontoon boat to power a Dc to AC power inverter.

I turned it on, then plugged in a small string of LED strip lights, and it worked fine. Then tried a larger set, my inverter beeped and then the lights went out. With a different power supply, the lights still work, but the 12 volt accessory outlet is dead.

What can I do to make the 12 volt outlet work again? What went wrong?

Thank you for your time,


Hi Harold,

It sounds like you blew the fuse for the 12 volt receptacle. Check the fuse panel and you will find the problem


Has Power. Won’t Start.


I have a 2004 Premier pontoon boat that will not start.

Premier Pontoon Boat

I have battery power as the motor will raise and lower, the radio will come on, etc.; however, the engine will not crank.

It worked well prior to putting it away for the winter.

What can I trouble shoot? Is there a fuse? How can I tell if the ignition switch is bad? Is there a neutral switch that can go bad? When I turn the key, nothing happens. BTW, I have a 50 horse Four Stroke Mercury.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


First check the in-line fuse on the engine near the starter solenoid (follow the battery cable into the engine from the battery to the starter solenoid). If the fuse is good, check for power at the key on the red or red/green wire.

This will solve your problem,



Hi Kevin,

I have an older Misty Harbor that I need your help with.

The boat battery and boat battery wiring is good. Up until three days ago, the motor would trim without any problem. Now there is no power to the motor or power tilt and trim. I seem to have power, because the navigation lights still work fine.
ANL fuse for boat wiring

Any ideas?



There is a small, inline fuse near the starter solenoid on most outboard engines. It sounds like you may have accidentally blown this fuse.

The lights are working because the are usually powered through a different circuit.

Hope this helps,


Trim Gauge Wiring

Hi Kevin,

I am in the middle of a pontoon boat rebuild and need your boat wiring expertise.trim gauge

Part of my project included adding all new gauges – including a new trim gauge. Could you please tell me what I need to wire it properly?


Hi Steve,

Here is the typical wiring for a pontoon boat trim gauge:

  • Keyed power (usually purple) to the + terminal on the gauge
  • Ground (usually black) to the – terminal on the gauge
  • Sender (usually brown/white in engine harness) to the S terminal on the gauge
  • Lights (usually blue) to the LT or light tab on the gauge

Hope this helps

LED Upgrade Wiring


I have an older Sanpan pontoon boat that has the original under bench courtesy lights. LED lighting from Vista Manufacturing

I was wondering if can I replace them with LED lights without rewiring? Can splice the wires from the boat’s old incandescents onto the new LEDs?



Hi Syd,

Your new LED lights will draw considerably less power than the old lights, so you can certainly use the existing boat wiring.

Keep in mind that LEDs are polarity sensitive. That is, if they don’t work at first, you may need to swap the wires to make them turn on.

Finally, you can splice them in with the old lights if you wish.


Trim Trouble


I have a 2000 Smokercraft pontoon boat and I’m trying to hook up a Mariner 75 hp powertrim motor to it.

The boat wiring is all different colors – some of them match, some of them don’t.

What do I do from here? Please. Any help would be appreciated.Trim motor


Hi Tony,

Universal, non keyed power is usually red, but you should check this with a meter. The standard for Trim Up is either blue or blue/white – for Trim Down it is either green or green/white.

Hope this helps,