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Adding AC to Houseboat

Hi Kevin,

I have an old houseboat that was made by the Crest Pontoon people. I’m considering adding a Shore Power System from Boat Wiring Store.

It appears to be a relatively easy DIY project, but could you please recommend a battery charger to go along with the AC power system.The complete shore power system is a relatively easy boat wiring project

Also, would these changes to my marine electrical system necessitate adding galvanic isolation as well?



Hi George,

The Easy Install AC kits on our partner site are perfect for DIY. They are easy to install and will save you a bundle on appliances, since you will no longer need to buy expensive 12 volt lights, mixers, etc.

The Shore Power Systems come complete with the AC panel and shore power inlet and depending on the model; one or two extra outlets. On the back side of every AC panel enclosure are two more outlets to allow you to connect a battery charger, refrigerator, or other built in items that you do not want to have plugged into your other outlets.

Boat Wiring Store doesn’t sell battery chargers, but the system is all ready to have one connected to it. If you buy a charger like this one from Marinco, your connection will be as simple as plug the AC plug on the charger into the back of the AC panel before you mount it into your cabinet and connect the DC leads to your batteries.

If your marina is known for galvanic corrosion, I would recommend a galvanic isolator. The latest product on the market is know as the “fail safe” version. Marinco and several other companies are marketing them. They are simple and safe. To install, simply cut the green AC grounding wire between the shore power inlet and the AC panel, install 1/4″ ring terminals on both wires, and connect them to the studs on the galvanic isolator.

I hope that this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions,